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Asseco Solidária mobilizes aid and comfort for those in need

The values of sharing and volunteering continue to be the greatest assets of Asseco Solidária, the main vehicle for our social responsibility actions. Team Solidário brings together the Asseco PST team, which throughout each year and in various actions, strives to bring help, comfort, and security to those most in need. Always in the pursuit of human dignity!

The competitive environment in which we operate, typical of market economies, does not make us forget the sense of others - especially those most in need. The year 2023 was marked by several interventions coordinated by Team Solidário. With greater or lesser scope, all of them are relevant, especially for those who receive them.

Still in the first quarter, we participated in another solidarity action with ENTRAJUDA in picking oranges in the gardens of the Palace of Queluz. The fruit was later distributed by the Food Bank to social institutions in the municipality of Sintra. At the same time, following the devastating earthquake in Turkey, we collected essential goods and clothing that were delivered to the embassy for the earthquake victims.

Team Solidário is collaborating with a teacher from the Gustave Eifell Professional School in Lisbon to help students and families in need of clothing and food items. Our employees have been massively involved in donating clothes.  

On another level, monthly aid continues to be provided to a family in Madeira ("Maria's family"), with the purchase of food items, pharmaceutical products, schoolbooks, and clothing donations for Maria and her children.

Also in Madeira, Asseco donated 40 laptops and 40 monitors to the Infante D. Henrique College, as well as made a donation for the creation of a therapeutic play space and a sensory stimulation gym and psychomotor education. Similarly, replacing the chairs in our office in Funchal allowed us to donate them to several institutions in the Autonomous Region.

Asseco Solidária maintains its partnership with Make-A-Wish, collaborating on the sale of Christmas stars, Advent calendars, and the book "Our Wishes".

In November, as usual, we continued the tradition of delivering sleeping bags and polar blankets in Lisbon and Funchal to some social solidarity institutions that work with homeless people.

In another geography, in this case, Angola, essential goods were delivered to the "Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova" Support Center in Viana, on the outskirts of Luanda. Also in this geography, Asseco donated seven laptops to INTASA (Institute of Arts and Knowledge Solidarity).

None of these initiatives (and similar ones...) would have been possible without the commitment of a vast - and generous - team. Because social actions are never too many!