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Webinar on financial intermediation in Angola: What Changes & Our Solutions

Asseco PST will organize, in partnership with Finantech, a webinar to discuss the impact of the reform of the General Regime of Financial Institutions in Angola and present the solution considered most appropriate to the new requirements of the Angolan market. It will take place on July 6th and will have as theme "Financial Intermediation in Angola. What next?".

One of the most relevant changes in the new legislation on the functioning of the capital market in Angola stems from article 440 of the General Regime of Financial Institutions. At stake is the transfer of investment services and activities in securities and derivatives, until now provided by banks, which will now be in the hands of non-banking financial institutions − in other words, brokerage or distribution entities that will start negotiating the securities on behalf of clients.

The change will, in the short term, have a significant impact on the entire banking industry and its IT solutions. Nothing, however, that Asseco PST is not already prepared to solve, with a complete and functional integrated solution ready to be made available to its customers.

Through its subsidiary Finantech, Asseco PST now possesses considerable knowledge in the development of capital market solutions. This asset will be presented in a webinar on July 6, aimed primarily at those who, in their respective banks, deal with securities, operations, information systems, and financial management.

For this reason, we rely on the know-how and experience of Finantech, a company 100% focused on capital markets, which began by developing the application Sifox Backoffice directed to brokerage firms that operated in the stock market in Portugal (now Euronext). The company gradually developed Sifox to meet the needs of the entire capital market.

Today, the Sifox platform is integrated into Asseco PST's Banka ecosystem, which allows us to provide a comprehensive solution to all clients in this area.

The webinar will feature Raluca Ungureanu and Fernando Moura, Product Manager and Functional Architect at Finantech, respectively, and Miguel Figueiredo, Head of Treasury & Capital Markets Division at Asseco PST. Pedro Lopes, Head of Corporate Sales at Asseco PST, will be the moderator of the online session.