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Asseco PST sponsors tennis in Madeira

Asseco PST has teamed up with the Portuguese Tennis Federation and the Tennis Association of Madeira as a sponsor of the Absolute National Championship, the chief-event of the sport locally. Organised in Funchal, it is the competition with the highest score for the national ranking.

Held from 14 to 21 September, at the Quinta Magnólia Park, in Funchal, the event brought together dozens of athletes in five variants (men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles). It was accompanied locally by hundreds of people and followed through the local, regional and national media by many thousands of attentive readers and viewers. In total, the event gave out 20 thousand euros in prizes for the winners.

True to its Madeiran roots, where Asseco PST maintains an important software development centre and from where it began, more than 30 years ago, undertaking an activity that today covers eight markets in three continents, it was with great satisfaction that the company partnered with the event. In more than 90 years of history, this was only the second time that the Absolute Tennis Championship left mainland Portugal to take place in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. It was also the first time that it has visited the region's capital, as the 2004 edition had been held in Porto Santo.

As the event's sponsor, Asseco PST was the official provider of software and services for the tournament's financial sector, thus joining other distinguished partners.

Always favouring a strategy of close proximity to the places where the brand is physically present, the company has regularly invested in sponsorships. Our goal has been to support and associate with sports and activities that are both differentiating and relevant for the formation of human character and personality.

A good example is the Asseco Light Sailing Tournament (which has our name), organised by the Funchal Naval Club, which we've been sponsoring for over 10 years. This event also takes place annually, bringing together dozens of athletes with vessels of various classes. On the other hand, we've been supporting several outdoor activities and team building events, in the belief that our connection with the local community is mutually beneficial.