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Our institutional video reinforces the company's identity

What better way to celebrate our 34th anniversary than to resume our history in images? That is precisely what we did with the production of Asseco PST's first institutional video. The financial universe is changing rapidly, so we aim to show how technology is our world.

Who we are, where we are, what we do, and how we can help customers drive innovation in their business - these are four essential questions that our corporate video helps explain better than a thousand words.

In a four-minute video, we provide an inside view into our company, recall our origins in Madeira, an island where we still maintain a software development center, and demonstrate how we quickly embarked on a journey to conquer new markets. Over three decades, we have accumulated experience and established a presence in eight countries on three continents.

We have created a training academy (the Asseco Academy), we have sought to maintain solid solidarity with those who need it most (through Asseco Solidária), we have integrated a multinational reference (the Asseco Group) and we have invested in the growth and diversification of products (acquiring the majority of Finantech's capital). All are reviewed in the video.

Most importantly, we remain committed to connecting people and growing our customers' businesses by creating differentiating solutions. The video fulfills the function of reaffirming the identity of the company and is also a testimony of the special connection that we want to see strengthened with employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.