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New features in the PFS, BANKA and FINANCA solutions

As part of a continuous process of technological improvement, aligned with the evolution of the banking sector, customer needs and regulatory requirements, EXICTOS presents the latest application innovations.

In the PFS portal, the 'Card Management (Debit Cards)' component was optimised in the area related to ordering and managing debit and prepaid cards, including queries and card follow-up. The solution brings important innovations and improvements, most notably Card Dashboard Integration (customer portfolio and general queries), Segregation of Management and Treatment by Card Typology (debit and prepaid) and by Customer Nature (private and corporate). This increment is available for the following card processors: EMIS, SIBS, SIBS Internacional, Interbancos, Gesticard and SISP.

In the BANKA application, the 'Rent Credit' area now allows setting a fixed income amount in the credit proposal maintenance section. About debit and demand accounts, improvements were made to the process of identifying the amount to be collected, i.e. the total, capital plus interest or broken down, discriminating all amounts.

In 'Escrow Accounts' it is now possible to outline whether or not the credit amount, after its maturity, is added to the authorised balance. In 'Guarantee Accounts,' it is now possible to make a charge based on the price list when closing guarantees received and provided and, at the closing, a clearance note is issued. The entity, customer and account blocking functionality now allows indicating whether or not the block was created as a result of a court decision. The mention of a court order can be entered automatically by processing the 'Court Judgments' file or manually, thus allowing to distinguish the origin of the blocks.

The 'Banka Collection Center' will now process and collect amounts related to debit, prepaid and credit card annuities, thus minimizing D/O account overdrafts caused by the automatic debiting of annuities. Also, and concerning the querying of transactions with partial collections, information is now available on the transaction amounts still pending collection.

About FINANCA, improvements were made to the process of managing external movements to be integrated into the application, with the adding of a new screen with record selection criteria, as follows: Application, Order Code, Type of Operation, Operation Number and Correspondent.