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A close look at the company's role in Mozambique

Mozambique is one of Asseco PST's reference markets in Portuguese-speaking Africa. The company's executive director in the country, Joaquim Tobias Dai, gave an interview to Portugal's Valor Magazine this month, in which he highlighted the role of banking as a digital transformer of Mozambican society and the work we have been doing there.

The main theme of the February edition of Valor Magazine are the Portugal-Mozambique bilateral relations. This is a subject Joaquim Tobias Dai knows well. Besides being the executive director of Asseco PST in this African country, our manager is also the vice-president of the Portugal-Mozambique Chamber of Commerce (CCPM).

In an interview with the publication, the director highlights the digital transition that the country has undertaken in recent years. Despite the infrastructure constraints and training deficits inherent to an emerging market, digital banking continues to accelerate. In banking, he explains, 'we are a key player in the digital evolution, with more and more services moving to digital platforms', which has also increased financial inclusion.

In addition to the financial sector, telecommunications operators, media and e-commerce businesses have been the big digital transformers with a direct impact on people's daily lives. In vast geographical regions, as is the case here, 'the only way to reduce distances is through digital means'.

In the field of training, Joaquim Tobias Dai highlights the role played in recent years by Asseco Academy, a training academy specialised in information technologies, with a particular focus on the solutions developed by Asseco PST. Thanks to its work, it has been possible to train the professionals of tomorrow, providing the market with excellent technicians and thereby contributing to improving the performance of the financial system.

A word of hope for the future remains in the certainty that in the post-pandemic phase nothing will be the same as before. As the technology-based company that we are, Asseco PST quickly shifted to remote working, a process that was slower in Mozambique than in Portugal. However, in spite of everything, 'we hope that this health emergency phase can be overcome so that we can return to interacting with clients as we have always done', he concludes.