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A partnership with Asseco SEE in a project for BNU Timor

Asseco PST has established a partnership with Asseco SEE (Southern Eastern Europe) to implement a digital channel solution for BNU Timor. The project to implement a new solution, named Asseco SxS, is expected to be launched later this year and completed by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

The process that led to the partnership between the two entities of the Asseco universe was triggered by the ongoing project to implement digital channel solutions at BNU Timor - namely eBankaPlus 2.5 for internet banking and Mobile 3.0 for mobile banking.

The Dili-based financial institution had, in its previous internet banking version, the ability to provide its corporate customers with a hard-token, a physical device similar to a key-ring with random number generation, in order to authorise operations.

In order to go one step further, the bank challenged Asseco PST to come up with a solution that could replace the hard-tokens with something more modern and better adapted to its customers' needs.

After some research and interaction with other companies in the Asseco universe, we identified the Asseco SxS solution, developed by our sister company in Southeast Europe. It is a soft-token solution which, via the Bank's APP, allows, among other features, authorising requests for operations carried out on the Bank's digital channels. This solution is available to be installed both locally and in the cloud.

Asseco SEE, our partner, is present in 13 countries, including Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia and is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is considered one of the largest technological companies in southeast and eastern Europe in terms of software sales and a reference player for the banking sector. In addition to the proprietary solutions it develops in the financial area, it is also involved in projects in the telecommunications, infrastructure and general business sectors.

In order to make the solution available to BNU Timor, Asseco PST's mission is to make a series of specific developments in its channel solutions in order to ensure their integration with the Promosoft Financial Suite.