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Banka, a single platform to manage the entire banking business.

Asseco PST has just added to its video library another product film, where we dynamically and creatively present our offer for the financial sector. This time, the star of the film is the core banking platform Banka, which allows the integrated, complete management of a banking business.

The Banka film is the fifth in the series produced by Asseco PST. All videos are available on our YouTube channel. Less than 2 minutes of film, but enough to immerse yourself in this modular core banking solution based on principles of integrity, efficiency, robustness and scalability, and which adapts to various segments and to the needs of financial institutions operating in different markets.

The product's broad functional coverage allows it to manage a retail banking business as well as investment banking, microcredit, credit institutions or other types of financial institutions. The Banka platform is, in practice, a 3-in-1 solution: Retail and Corporate Banking, Financial Markets, and Accounting and Reporting

Depending on customer requirements, Banka can also be made available in three different models. With a time-to-market approach, Asseco PST implements the standard version of the core banking modules, parameterising them according to the bank's requirements (Package Implementation). For those who prefer flexibility, we adjust the standard version of core banking to specific needs by developing customised components (Package Customisation). Finally, for those who value exclusivity, Asseco highlights specific modules of the core, making the source code available to accelerate development of an entirely custom solution (Full Customisation).

In a super-competitive environment where 'anywhere' and 'anytime' demands are increasing, Banka allows you to perform all banking transactions related to the core and associated channels without any downtime, thanks to the introduction of new batch processing concepts.

In a vast universe of advantages that this Banka platform offers to the client, where not even the fingers on both hands are enough, we cannot resist summarising some of them: customer-centric vision; modularity and integration; extended functional coverage; high level of parametrisation; adaptation to different markets; operational risk reduction; web interface; management indicators; online accounting; and continuous evolution.