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Partnership with the IST in the field of Artificial Intelligence

EXICTOS established a partnership with the Higher Technical Institute (IST - Instituto Superior Técnico) in the field of artificial intelligence research aiming to test Deep Learning approaches within its offer of products and services.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technologies, but also an area where there is still a lot of research work to be done. Aware of this fact, EXICTOS joined one of the leading Engineering schools in Portugal, the IST, to carry out research work that, through Deep Learning-based methods, makes it possible to analyse a high volume of data and to incorporate this analysis in order to improve the service provided to the end customers of financial institutions.

The goal is to incorporate the learnings resulting from the research work carried out on the CAOP (Context Aware Omnichannel Platform) platform that EXICTOS is developing.

Deep Learning may be considered a branch of Machine Learning based on a set of algorithms that try to model high level abstractions of data using graphs, resembling neural networks, with several processing layers, composed of several linear and non-linear transformations.