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RTP feature on Asseco PST

The RTP 3 programme “Ideias & Companhias” [Ideas & Companies], will present a report on Asseco PST at 3:50 pm next Sunday, the 17th. This report highlights the past, the present and the future of the company following its evolution from its origins 30 years ago in Funchal until the present time.

Ideias & Companhias” is a business programme conducted by journalist Teresa Cotrim, focused on companies with history, inspiring ideas and business projects that make a difference. It's a weekly programme, every Sunday afternoon, on RTP 3, with reruns throughout the week.

In order to tell the Asseco PST story, the programme production team was firstly filming in the office in Funchal where they interviewed its director and founder José Rocha. It was also filmed in new offices in Lisbon where the journalist interviewed the other three directors: CEO Daniel Araújo, Miguel Lúcio and José Nunes.

In addition to the exposure and prestige resulting from the appearance of the Asseco brand in the RTP information channel among Portuguese TV viewers, the programme is also broadcast on RTP's international channels and can be watched in other places where we mark our presence. Thanks to this, the brand will reach a more global audience.

For those not able to see the programme on television, the report will also be available on the Facebook page of the programme “Ideias & Companhias,” on, which has over 18,000 followers. Don't miss it!