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Financa transformation focused on the business processes of each bank

The PFS Financa application gained a new architecture oriented to the needs of each bank. Denominated “Ciclos de Vida”, this is one of the most important developments for the future of the application. In addition to the functionalities already available in the new architecture, more features will be added soon, in accordance with the expectations of our customers.

One of our most valued premises is at the base of this application transformation: each bank has its own business processes and specific needs. For this reason, Asseco PST has developed a new architecture that allows adapting the PFS Financa application to the reality of each client and to the present and future needs of their business.

In the new architecture, business processes are organized as types of Ciclos de Vida. Each bank can define each operation’s evolution and the moment at which messages are generated, affect positions, or create accounting movements.

In addition to adapting the application to the processes of each bank, the new architecture guarantees other advantages such as reduction of risk and operational effort, the flexibility of Ciclos de Vida operations, cash flows and messages, more control in event management, increased visibility in the evolution of processes, and the availability of audited business events.

In the current phase, the business processes already available in the new architecture are foreign exchange and money market operations, symbols and positions, results, limits, accounting, and external processes.

Other processes will soon be available, for example, cash flows, messages, capital markets, and task manager.