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We are back to face-to-face events in Cape Verde

In March, we will once again be present at forums in the Portuguese-speaking world. The next participation will be in Cape Verde, for two initiatives aimed at the banking and insurance sector and to consulting companies. Our goal: to foster knowledge and debates on the challenges that the financial universe faces in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) tripod.

The ESG concept brings together the three most relevant non-financial axes of a company, which are the cornerstone of the sustainable and responsible investment of any institution. It works, in practice, as a metric that evaluates the performance of companies in those three areas, so institutions with a strong ESG profile have several benefits, especially when it comes to attracting new investors or clients.

This was the motto that led PSO Knowledge & Communication to organise two events in Cape Verde, in Praia, with the presence of Asseco PST. The first takes place on March 22nd and 23rd and is a workshop entitled 'ESG – Do Ambiente à Governance, passando pela Sociedade: Quais os principais desafios que os distintos parceiros do setor financeiro enfrentam?' (ESG - From Environment to Governance to Society: What are the main challenges faced by the different partners in the financial sector?).

Rita Inácio, Deputy Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance at Asseco PST, will be our representative in this event, taking part in one of the modules included in the workshop. The general coordination will be the responsibility of Filomena Raquel Oliveira, former vice-president of the Lisbon Stock Exchange, professor in several Governance, Leadership and Talent Motivation programmes in Portuguese business schools, who has held several positions in global banking institutions.

On March 25th, Asseco PST sponsors, along with PwC, the conference 'Governance Challenges - Na era do Governance digital e ESG' (Governance Challenges - In the age of digital governance and ESG), which takes place during the morning at Hotel Praia Mar, with the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Cape Verde, Olavo Correia.

Rita Inácio, responsible for Asseco PST, will open the second workshop, with the topic 'ESG, from here to where? The impact of Data', also moderating the debate at the end of it.

Asseco PST is the only technology company present at these events, which will be attended by representatives of most banks operating in the Cape Verdean market and the Cape Verde Securities Market Audit Office, or AGMVM (the local counterpart of the Portuguese CMVM).

But there's more. At the beginning of the second half of 2022, we will also be present at the inauguration of the Cape Verde Technology Park. This is a major event whose agenda includes a three-day conference and where we will have our own stand for direct contact with the public. Each day will be dedicated to a different subject: on the first day, 'Beyond and Future'; on the second day, 'People and Planet'; and on the last day, 'Education and Qualification'.