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DQE, the right solution to guarantee consistent and credible data

Did you know that Asseco PST can help financial institutions quickly identify the quality of data generated and detect gaps and inconsistencies in their customer information? Our Data Quality Engine (DQE) solution is a rapid diagnostic technology that identifies the state of priority data for the bank

Having consistent and reliable data is a fundamental advantage for monitoring banking activity, decision-making, and establishing lasting relationships with customers.

What any bank manager wants to avoid at all costs is a loss of credibility in their systems, unnecessary loss of time in data reconciliation, compliance problems, customer dissatisfaction, loss of revenue, and ultimately the discrediting of their institution's image. The truth is that poor data quality in the business may be the cause of any of these problems.

Based on this knowledge, Asseco PST developed the Data Quality Engine (DQE) solution. A technology with over 180 rules divided into four levels of structure, regarding entity and customer information. Provides a detailed, continuous, and consistent view of the quality of the institution's data, identifies causes, and enables interventions to ensure the current and future integrity of that data.

On top of the rapid diagnosis of the status of priority data for the bank, DQE ensures other advantages for the institution. Configuration of data collection rules in the core system, autonomous access to the areas responsible for data updates, monitoring of historical data rectification campaigns, and reduction of tickets made to the ISD are just a few examples.