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COVID-19 | Our routine changed, but we kept our momentum.

The past few weeks have been dominated by global uncertainty over the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But at Asseco PST we remain 100% connected, believing that the challenging moment we're going through will pass and what we do today will determine tomorrow's success. To prove this, we've prepared a video that shows that we are united in this new stage of our collective life.

In our history of over 30 years, we've gotten used to facing each new challenge as a new opportunity. We're resilient, we fight difficulties with work, innovative and creative capacity, and we put our best efforts at the service of the transformation required to overcome obstacles.

The best proof that we remain 100% connected, to you and for you, is the video that brings together photographs of dozens of our employees, in their adapted workstations, keeping the operational level that we've always been known for. In the living room, the kitchen, the balcony, the bedroom, wherever you are, staying safe, our portable office continues to accompany us 24/7.

In this troubled phase, when the world is facing a new pandemic, we want all our partners and customers to know - and feel - that we are at their side. We've prepared a response strategy to keep our activity running smoothly and ensure the continuity of all our customers' businesses.

We've updated our contingency plans for the various areas where we operate, asked our human resources to work remotely, keeping our teams available to meet the usual requirements.

Each passing day is an opportunity to regain courage and look at tomorrow with determination. We're all invited to look at the present with caution, but also to start planning for the near future.

We want to stay one step ahead so that nothing fails