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Asseco PST acquires majority stake of CPI Angola

Asseco PST has acquired a majority stake in CPI Angola, a company that specializes in developing accounting and reporting software for the financial sector. With a strong position in the Angola market, the company has experienced sustained growth over the past decade.

This merger follows the strategic goals of growth and diversification of Asseco PST, representing the culmination of a negotiation process that allowed the acquisition of majority stake of CPI Angola.

Headquartered in Luanda with a subsidiary in Lisbon, CPI Angola - Consultoria de Projetos Informáticos, S.A. has implemented solutions in 58% of the Angolan banks. Currently has 11 employees in Angola and 10 in Portugal, reaching a turnover of 2 million euros in 2021.

Underlying the agreement now signed is the potential for cross synergies between Asseco PST and CPI. Given the complementary nature of the offer of the two companies, the immediate goal is to pursue and capitalize on these synergies to strengthen the group's products and services.

As of 2021, when Asseco PST acquired a majority stake in Finantech, a company that specializes in capital market solutions, CPI Angola will continue to operate under its brand. The same will happen with the management team, with the founding shareholder, Gonçalo Froes, remaining in office as the company's manager.