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Asseco has developed a system for forecasting customer behavior on the Internet

The analysis of customer behaviour in the digital world plays an increasingly more important role in the sale of products and services. The experts from Forrester Research1 are predicting that the profits that companies can achieve thanks to effective Big Data verification will increase to USD 1.2 trillion in 2020. That is why Asseco has developed a new system that utilizes advanced prediction analysis mechanisms - Asseco Customer Intelligence (ACI). The solution allows to check what customers are looking for on the Internet and what products and services they are interested in.

The success of a marketing and sales campaign is determined primarily by the detailed adjustment of an offer to the needs of customers. Therefore, companies should be up to date with the latest techniques to analyze the information their customers leave online. This is particularly important as consumers today are very often sceptical about advertising and if the message is not immediately adapted to their expectations, they look for products from other suppliers. ACI, based on current data supported by historical data, allows for effective planning of marketing communication, selection of appropriate contact channels and data analysis. Owing to this, the company can offer products which consumers are currently looking for or their behaviour indicates that such a need will arise in the near future. That translates into higher sales profits and improved management of customer relations.

Asseco's new solution is used in practically all sectors of the economy, i.e. wherever services and products are sold. Social media, activities on websites, or through mobile applications are a valuable source of information about customer behavior. They can be used successfully to plan marketing campaigns and to support sales processes. With ACI, we can see what customers are looking for, what they buy, when they buy and how they do it, and modern companies have to keep up with the ever-increasing expectations of consumers. With our solution, reaching that goal is much easier and faster, said Jarosław Bryl, Director of Business Intelligence Division, Asseco Poland.

Asseco Customer Intelligence allows companies to create profiled commercial offers based on their customers' purchase habits and needs, as well as to adjust the communication channels to client preferences, among others. It is worth mentioning that the solution is supported by machine training mechanisms based on analytical models. It has information about products and marketing content and is integrated with advertising providers' systems. All this makes it possible to quickly verify customer behaviour. As a result, the system allows for proper preparation of the offer, said Miłosz Posyłek, Director of the Analytical Systems Department, Asseco Poland.

ACI can be used by banks, insurance companies, as well as online shops. Thanks to its open architecture, it can be quickly integrated with the systems already operating in a given company. In the case of the banking sector, ACI can function with solutions supporting customer communication, such as Asseco Advisory Banking Platform, Asseco Customer Banking Platform, and Asseco Enterprise Banking Platform. It may also be integrated with the fraud detection system - Asseco Anti-Fraud.