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Asseco Academy launches its 3rd edition in Mozambique

Asseco Academy is pleased to announce the start of its 3rd edition of the training program in Mozambique, which will run from May 15 to July 12. This program aims to provide specialized training to young graduates or finalists in specific areas, enabling them to develop skills to work with technology applied to the financial sector in the near future.

Asseco Academy's 3rd edition in Mozambique will select 15 trainees from Computer Engineering, Economics, Management, or Accounting courses for an intensive, eight-week training program. The program is free of charge and covers all aspects of the banking business, with a total of 234 training hours.

Asseco PST fully covers all the expenses associated with the Asseco Academy training program, which is a crucial initiative for achieving its mission of fostering human capital development in the Portuguese-speaking countries where it operates. 

In the last edition of the program in Mozambique, almost one thousand applicants enrolled in the training program, indicating high demand and success for the initiative. Most of the 12 participants who completed the second edition with high scores were rapidly employed in various banking institutions, including Millennium BIM, Moza Banco, First Capital Bank, and even Asseco PST Mozambique.

The cornerstone of Asseco Academy's work is its professional certification program, the PFS Certification Program, recognized by the market today. What sets this program apart is that certified young graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to start a career in the financial sector without any further training. As a result, they can provide high-value services immediately, bringing significant benefits to their employers.

The PFS Certification Program consists of eight modules and focuses, in addition to basic theoretical components, on the practical use of the systems (hands-on) and the realization of various case studies. Participants will receive training in areas such as retail banking solutions, credit and debit card solutions, credit transfers, payment, collections, and check clearing.

Furthermore, the PFS Certification Program includes modules that cover money markets, foreign exchange, capital markets, and corporate banking. It also includes lessons on IBM system management and operation, risk solutions, compliance, and non-presential channels. The trainees' progress is evaluated through practical assignments in each module, regular tests at the end of each module, and final paper submissions.