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Asseco Academy is already preparing the IV edition in Mozambique

Asseco Academy continues to train new talents in the various geographies where we are present. In a demanding area such as training in technology applied to the financial sector, this is a mission in which we put maximum effort. The next training program will start in May, in Mozambique.

The IV edition of Asseco Academy in Maputo already has a scheduled date: it will take place from May 20 to July 19, and, as usual, the recruitment of trainees will focus on university students in their final year or recent graduates in courses such as Computer Engineering, Economics, Management, and Accounting.

In total, this new edition will have 15 trainees. The intensive training program, consisting of 240 hours, remains free for candidates who will seek to gain maximum skills to work, in the near future, with technologies that cover various aspects of banking business. All costs are fully supported by Asseco PST, with the aim of contributing to the development of human capital in the main markets where the company bases its operations.

Since the pandemic, the training program has been conducted in a hybrid format, with face-to-face sessions held at Asseco PST facilities, and others online, totaling eight modules. The program includes topics such as financial markets and products, payment methods, retail banking solutions, debit and credit card solutions, credit transfers, and payments, among others. Trainees are evaluated through practical assignments in each module, regular tests at the end of each one, and presentation of a final project.

In the three editions already held in Mozambique of the professional certification program, called PFS Certification Program, Asseco Academy has trained 44 specialists.

While some ended up being integrated into Asseco PST's workforce in Maputo, the truth is that the majority of these young people were almost immediately recruited by banks. The reason is simple: banks see them as candidates capable of starting a career in the financial sector, without the need for additional training in the areas covered by the training program.

Preparations for the start of training in Mozambique are happening at a time when the VIII edition of Asseco Academy is concluding in Angola. Initiated in January, the course brought together 15 trainees after a recruitment and selection process that led many hundreds of young people to enroll.