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Minister of Economic Affairs visits company in the Madeira Region

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Pedro Siza Vieira, was recently at Asseco PST offices in Madeira. The goal was to get to know in detail the company's software development centre, which operates in Funchal, with a team of 150 people, mostly engineers and computer technicians.

The visit of the Portuguese minister to Asseco PST was part of a tour made, at his request, to several companies in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, in order to get in closer contact with the regional business fabric. And contacts could not have started in a better place, since Pedro Siza Vieira, besides Economic Affairs, is also responsible for the Digital Transition ministry.

On his visit to the company, the minister was accompanied by the Vice-President of the Regional Government, Pedro Calado, and by the Regional Secretary for the Economic Affairs, Rui Barreto.

The visit was also useful to recall Asseco PST's Madeiran roots, where the company was founded 33 years ago, as a result of the belief of a group of professionals in the decisive importance that information technologies were starting to have in the banking sector.

The company's first corporate name (Promosoft) was left behind, later changed to Exictos, until it reached its current configuration. But throughout these three decades the software development centre in Funchal has accumulated knowledge and experience, being one of the foundations of the brand's expansion to new geographic locations and of the exporting vocation that Asseco PST has today incorporated in its DNA.

Nowadays, in Madeira, banking software is developed for clients based in eight countries. The entire 'Banka' product team, most of the 'Financa' product team and the entire Digital Channels and Portals development team are currently located at the development centre of Funchal.