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Asseco PST presents their solutions in two webinars

Asseco PST closes the last quarter with two customer-driven webinars to present some of its most demanding product solutions. The first, held on 13 October, was about security in digital channels. The next one, to be held in November, will be dedicated to high-performance Banka solutions.

Talking about the presence and importance of security mechanisms when using digital channels was the aim of the first of these webinars, dedicated to the topic 'How to make digital secure?'. Our partner Asseco SEE (Southern Eastern Europe), which operates in 10 markets in South Eastern and Eastern Europe, participated in the event. In addition to its expertise in banking, Asseco SEE also provides a wide range of solutions for telecommunications, utilities and public-sector companies.

During the webinar, which had more than 100 registrations, Asseco PST had the opportunity to share its vision of digital channels with a security layer on top, presenting a real case in which some of the solutions fully integrated with Promosoft Financial Suite are being implemented. Asseco SEE, in turn, brought its experience and spoke about strong customer authentication across digital channels and how these solutions are compliant with regulations, runtime application self-protection, and omnichannel fraud monitoring and prevention.

In terms of solutions, the highlight was the SxS, which allows ensuring an additional level of security, both in authentication and in authorisation of operations, in compliance with regulations (such as PSD2 for example); the App Protector, capable of controlling the execution of applications, detecting early intrusion situations and preventing attacks in real time, as well as the inAct solution, which monitors and prevents transactional and internal fraud, operational failure and transactions that are not in compliance with legislation.

Moderated by our Head of Sales, Pedro Lopes, the speakers of the webinar were, from Asseco PST Eduardo Ferreira, Head of Digital, and Mário Carmo, Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance. Asseco SEE was represented by two speakers: Mario Maric, (Product Manager) and Matej Budimir (International Account Manager).

In November, it will be our turn to present, in a second webinar, our approach in implementing High-Performance Banka solutions. The starting point is, once again, the increasingly demanding level of service, especially in digital channels. The periods of unavailability that occur in the execution of daily batches are an added challenge, as customers no longer accept their bank not being accessible and operational full time.

In this context, it is mandatory for all information to be always online, in the various channels and with quick access. Asseco PST's High Availability and Online Backup solutions solve that challenge, allowing these needs to be met through 24x7 access, providing total and immediate availability of information, benefiting performance and access.

The speakers of this webinar will be Ana Rita Barreiros, Core Banking Leader; Marco Louro, Core Banking Business Manager; and Paulo Costa, Core Banking Manager. Our head of sales, Pedro Lopes, will once again be in charge of moderating.

Stay tuned for this new event that you won't want to miss!