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EXICTOS is celebrating 30 years of History

On the weekend of March 3 and 4, we gathered nearly three hundred employees in Évora to celebrate three decades of EXICTOS. The chosen anthem was the popular song by Da Vinci, Conquistador but the lyrics were adapted to our reality in the world.

It was a remarkable event for all, with speeches from our executive directors, including one of the founders, José Rocha. The 2017 balance and the challenges for 2018 were the main themes of the interventions.

Created in 1988 under the name 'Promosoft,' and considered one of the first Banking Software Companies in Portugal, we have come a long way, from acquiring our first customers beyond borders in 1990 to being integrated into the Asseco Group, one of the largest software providers in Europe in 2015.

Currently, EXICTOS operates in eight countries and three continents. It has branch offices in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, while for other markets it operates out of Portugal and regularly sends managers and technicians to those locations. It employs over 400 people, having generated, in 2017, a consolidated turnover of 33.4 million euros. These are the numbers that make EXICTOS a reference for more than 60 banks in solutions for the financial sector, Banking Consulting services and IT Infrastructure services, among others.

Today, 30 years after our birth in Funchal, we are a renowned Information Technology company, with recognition in the development of banking software and a leading player in the markets where we operate.