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Privacy & Cookies


Asseco PST is responsible for this website, being the sole holder of all corresponding rights, including but not limited to, the correlated rights of intellectual property, as well as any rights concerning the website that are not expressly assigned to the user.

The main objective of this website is to present Asseco PST to its users, as an important player in the IT sector, as well as to present the products and services that the company provides. Access is free and users are not required to create any previous register for accessing or using the website.

Asseco PST guarantees confidentiality, privacy and integrity of personal data provided or transmitted by users through this website and collected online, according to provisions laid down by laws and regulations in force in Portugal, namely the Personal Data Protection Law (Law no. 67/98, of 26 October), which Asseco PST is obligated to comply with and respect.

The transmission, collection and treatment of the users' personal data is performed securely and is duly protected by security protocols implemented by Asseco PST , to prevent any data manipulation, tampering, loss or destruction, and all personal information provided by the users is duly encrypted and managed in compliance with adequate security tools.

Personal information is any and all information entered by the user on the website that can be used to identify the user (individual or company), namely information concerning the user's name or denomination, e-mail address, postal address, position, profession or other information directly concerning the user.

Personal data provided by users is exclusively used, by Asseco PST, for forwarding any information requests concerning products or services and/or commercial activities, as well as for forwarding any other information requests and processing potential complaints sent by the users; such data can also be used, by Asseco PST , for direct marketing purposes.

As established by law, all the website users have the right to access, update, amend, cancel, delete and oppose their personal data, and this can be achieved via a simple written communication sent to Asseco PST using the following contact details:

  • Postal Address: Rua Luciana Stegagno Picchio, 3, 1º Dto, 1500-912 Lisboa
  • E-mail address:

In spite of the security protocols implemented in this website, Asseco PST informs its users that all personal data collected and transmitted in an open network is always under risk of being viewed and used by unauthorized third parties, a risk that is taken by the users and must be taken into consideration by them, and Asseco PSTshall not be liable for any, direct or indirect, damage resulting from the manipulation, tampering, loss or destruction of data in those situations.

Asseco PST also states its full compliance with all national and international laws and regulations concerning the protection of children's privacy, as the website is not aimed at attracting this particular audience nor at requesting from children any personal information, by any means and for any purpose.


Asseco PST website uses cookies with the sole purpose of facilitating and improving the user's browsing experience. By accessing it, the users consent to the use of cookies.

Cookies are small text files sent to the user's browser upon their first visit of a given website.

Cookies allow the website to collect, register and memorize information or elements concerning the user's visit and are useful for providing easier, faster and more personalised visits in the future.

Any user of a website who does not wish to receive cookies can configure the browser so that a warning is issued every time a cookie is received or to block and deactivate all cookies.

However, if cookies are deactivated, the user may be prevented from accessing the entire website, or prevented from accessing certain parts of the website.

For configuring cookies and for information on the proper way to alter, update, block or delete them, please refer to your browser’s help section.

Additional information is available on the website concerning the use, control, management and deletion of cookies.


The Asseco PST website contains only generic information concerning Asseco PST and its corporate group, and is not intended to provide professional advice to its users.

The Asseco PST website is available as is, and Asseco PST does not guarantee that its content is free from errors and/or has any specific level of quality.

The Asseco PST website may contain links to other third party websites and Asseco PST is not liable for the content of such websites, nor for their privacy policies.

Asseco PST reserves the right to review and/or change, at any time, its privacy policy, including the cookies policy, and the website users are advised to refer to this document regularly.

The provisions included in this document faithfully translate the privacy and cookies policy followed by the Asseco PST website, and we welcome our users to contact us for any questions or concerns related to it, using the following e-mail address: