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Asseco PST forges new partnerships to advance digital channels

The financial sector must embrace digitalization to provide banking customers with faster, more comprehensive, and agile online solutions. As part of this effort, Asseco PST has recently partnered with two Portuguese start-ups, LOQR and AgentifAI. Through these partnerships, banks will be able to offer a diverse range of digital innovations that capitalize on the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

The partnership with AgentifAI, a Braga-based start-up specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), aims to integrate a virtual assistant for banks into Asseco PST's channel platform. The goal? Offer our customers' banking institutions a conversational AI platform that helps to transform how their brand is perceived.

AgentifAI is dedicated to delivering a new customer experience. To achieve this, the company has created its natural language processing engine to ensure that the virtual assistant's speech is of the highest quality and fluency. It is essential to recognize that automation does not and should not result in poorer service for bank customers. On the contrary, every aspect of the customer journey must be considered to ensure a top-notch customer service experience.

Our new partner's solution is currently undergoing integration and refinement of requirements, with plans to launch it on the market soon.

As for LOQR, a start-up based in Felgueiras, the solution integrated into Asseco PST's ecosystem offers financial institutions the ability to perform multiple operations, including online account openings, customer data updates, and remote access recoveries.

LOQR is a company that specializes in providing AI Powered Journey-as-a-Service solutions to financial institutions seeking to digitize their services and enhance their digital life using cutting-edge technology.

In addition to the Portuguese market, this partnership aims to expand to Portuguese-speaking African markets where Asseco PST is already present, such as Angola, Mozambique, and Cape Verde. The objective is to empower banks and other financial institutions to optimize their operations with flexible solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and attract new customers while continuously improving the user experience.