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Asseco Academy now in Mozambique

Asseco Academy, the academy for information technologies training established by Asseco PST, will broaden its activity to Mozambique. The beginning of the first course is planned for April, following the success of the similar project in Angola, in 2018.

Designed for the training of future professionals in the financial sector, the new academy in Maputo starts its activity with a certification programme about several aspects of the banking business. The programme, with a total of 240 hours of training, during business hours, is composed of eight modules, six of which evaluated.

Asseco PST ensures infrastructures and conditions necessary for the functioning of the academy, from rooms equipped with the newest technology to trainers responsible for the course contents.

The first course comprises one group of 20 trainees, recently graduated from the main Mozambican universities. In the end, a certificate will be given to trainees who successfully complete the training course, which is completely free of charge for candidates.

“Asseco PST was always highly concerned about the human capital in several geographical areas where it operates," explains CEO Daniel Araújo, adding: “The Asseco Academy is what drives us to help leverage more and better professionals in this sector, while creating a professional training programme recognised in the market."

The goal is to organise this training programme twice per year. In the future, Asseco PST will open the academy to the general public, with another type of courses, also organising customised programmes for companies.

The Asseco Academy concept was initially successfully tested in Angola, with two courses in 2018. The third edition of the course started in February with an increased number of candidates since its beginning. In the second course edition, finished in October, 90% of trainees were immediately integrated into the labour market, mostly in banks.