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Tailored Courses

Designed for the needs of a specific customer, they are usually organised on an occasional basis, with no planned recurrence. First of all, there is a survey and identification of training needs, which are mapped as programme contents, a process that can be carried out by the customer, Asseco PST, or both.

Standard Courses

Designed for the cross-cutting needs of the financial sector. They have set programme contents and cover the various areas of expertise of Promosoft Financial Suite solutions (e.g., Credit, Foreign, Accounting, etc.) They can be attended by various stakeholders (as long as the prerequisites identified for each course are met). These courses are periodically advertised by Asseco PST, or scheduled on request, and are carried out at our facilities in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

PFS Certification Program

Certification programme comprising a set of courses that correspond to a pre-set training pathway, which results in a final evaluation. Upon completion of the program, a certificate is issued to all participants who have achieved the required proficiency level for each training area.


Aware of the importance of the quality of the knowledge of the teams to Organisations, and of the professionals' own need to obtain an adequate recognition of their competences, Asseco Academy created the PFS Certification Programme.

The PFS Certification Programme is the result of years of determination and commitment to the continuous development of competences in the financial sector, consisting of a complete training model, with evaluation processes and the award of a certificate of approval. It is aimed at those who want to learn, improve and consolidate knowledge on the financial sector and, in particular, on the PFS solution.

Face-to-face training programme

It is a face-to-face training programme taught during working hours, over a period of 8 weeks. It has a total duration of 240 hours.

8 training modules

It consists of 8 training modules (6 of which are evaluated) with basic theoretical components but focused on the practical use of the systems (hands-on) with the development of several practical cases.


There will be a continuous evaluation throughout 6 of the modules, and a score will be assigned at the end.


The trainees who successfully complete the programme will be awarded a certificate.