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Straight-Through Processing - Life Cycles

Front to back solution for transactions carried out in the trading room, through parametrisable life cycles that allow the automation of transaction processing and the customisation of the evolution of the transaction life cycle in accordance with the Bank's operations.

Capital Markets - Retail (Branches)

Allows the bank's customers to place orders to buy and sell securities at the branches, as well as managing their securities portfolios.

Exchange Market

A solution that supports the management of interbank exchange operations or with customers, from the registration of the business to back-office processes, such as settlements, messages, generation of accounting transactions. It covers financial instruments such as: FX Spot, Deliverable and Non-Deliverable FX Forwards, and FX Swaps.


Allows increasing the level of automation of the nostro account reconciliation process through customisable rules applicable to each nostro account.

Money Markets

Ensures the management of Interbank Money Market and Interbank Securities Market operations from a front to back approach. In addition, credit operations with bank or customer counterparties are also available.

Capital Markets

It manages the whole life cycle of exchange orders, as well as over-the-counter and bilateral market transactions. It manages the bank's own portfolio positions and customer portfolios.


It manages the life cycle of derivative instruments, positions and margin accounts.

Corporate Desk

Provides the necessary functionalities for managing customers with access to the Trading Room, including an integrated view of the customer's investments. Allows for closer monitoring by a Corporate manager of the Trading Room for individual customers or companies with privileged access to the Trading Room.

Online Accounting

A solution that integrates all the information from different markets and solutions/modules, by generating all the accounting processes online, and the respective reports.

WEB Interface

User-configurable WEB interface, according to its own preferences, providing business features in a user-friendly manner.

Management Indicators

Consolidated and parametrized information in accordance with transaction, price and rate profile, available in Widget mode, supporting the decision-making process.

Modularity and Integration

The re-use of information by different processes ensures the integrity and non-redundancy of information. The modularity allows institutions to implement processes, products and services according to their specific features and of the market itself.


High responsiveness to business requirements through parametrization, allowing flexible and differentiated implementations in different markets and institutions with different business characteristics.

Functional Coverage

Management of business transactions between financial institutions in the interbank market. Management of its own operations and those of customers conducted on the financial markets, while controlling and monitoring the operation's entire life cycle.