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High Availability

In the modern world, the "anywhere" and "anytime" requirements are increasing. Our solution responds to the business needs of customers of financial institutions with a 24x7 high-availability architecture.


We provide a multichannel platform to on-site and remote channels, thus ensuring a homogeneous and complete user experience by the end customer, regardless of the channel used.


The solution's modular structure responds to the different operating contexts of the institutions that adopt it, while ensuring consistency, sharing of information and efficiency on the supported business processes.

Customer-Focused View

The solution provides an integrated view of the institution's customer and responds differently to meet his needs.


Fast delivery sustained in the solution's ability to operationalize business requirements through parametrization. The projects do not typically involve stages of development, thus speeding up delivery time.

Adaptation to markets

The flexibility of the solution supplemented by some geography-specific modules, allows a single solution to meet the business needs/challenges of our customers, in a manner suited to local aspects.

Functional Coverage

The Promosoft Financial Suite ensures the "end-to-end" operation of financial institutions by operationalizing banking products and services, and supplementary systems such as BI, CRM, BPM, among others.