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Card Schemes


We ensure a unique platform designed to keep Issuers constantly innovating and adaptable to the realities of different geographies. Whether issuing debit, credit, collection, prepaid, virtual, EMV®, contactless, commercial cards from a single integrated platform we can collaborate to enter new markets, gain share market and increase revenue.


Functional coverage that meets the needs of different types of Merchant, providing a set of features that improve the Merchant experience.

Main objectives:

  • Management of the Acquiring Park by Merchant (Physical and Digital)
  • Acquiring inventory management and optimization commission management
  • Billing to Merchants
  • Availability of reports and dashboards focused on Acquirer management, some of which are intended for Merchants


We have software support for ATM private networks, as well as interfaces to process proprietary domestic networks, handling authorizations, commissions, interchange collections, settlements, reconciliation, and accounting ledger generation for all operations managed in an ATM.

3DS ACS Services

We support the protocol that adds an additional layer of security to online credit and debit card payments. With ACS access to support cardholder authentication.

Digital Payments Schemes

Being versatile and modern IT solution, we could not ignore the current trend of supporting mobile payment and e-commerce payments. The ACM suite covers ApplePay, GooglePay, FitBitPay, domestic tokenized schemes (NFC and QR encoded)... It also provides a Digital Payment Gateway that supports international and Private Label payments.

Transfer Schemes

Wire Transfers

We ensure international money transfers by electronic means. Solution that helps move money electronically from one person to another, nationally or internationally, using banks or transfer providers.


This payment solution supports international multicurrency transfers categories 100 and 200. Also provides nostro reconciliation by processing 900 category messages as well.

Large Transfers

Efficient management of large-volume transfers, allowing them to be carried out with high levels of security and reliability.

Collection Schemes


The handling of the business process related to the clearing of checks is ensured, from the collection of logical data and images, preparation of files to be sent and treatment of files received from the clearing, to consultation of the images of the checks.

Direct Debits

Management of direct debits in the creditor and debtor aspects. A structured and outlined solution within the scope of SEPA Direct Debits (Single Euro Payments Area), focused on the creditor and debtor aspects, based on two independent processes - Core and B2B (Business to Business). Core, based on traditional collection systems in which debtors or creditors can be individuals and/or companies; B2B is available to payers/debtors considered to be business entities.

VAS Services Payments

ACM provides services that enable collections through issuing of payment references and QR codes, merchants can print in their invoices. Then, performing the collection process on those payments, culminating with the merchant’s settlement. On the other hand, the ability on integrating 3rd party domestic schemas to enable card or account holder to use this features on settling their payments.

Partnership Hub (Open Banking)

It provides the ability to aggregate all the processing of any payment method into a single platform, becoming the heart of all payments activity. allows treatment regardless of instrument type, payment amount, currency, customer, channel and transaction type. The modernization of the architecture makes it possible to centralize payment processing in any of the enumerated scenarios. This modernization provides financial institutions with a competitive advantage in positioning new commercial and technological challenges.

Domestic Payment Schemes by Geography

In addition to being able to support international payments worldwide, we are present in all Portuguese-speaking countries in Europe and Africa with full integration into their domestic schemes:

  • Portugal - SIBS
  • Angola - EMIS
  • Mozambique - SIMO
  • Cape Verde - SISP
  • Sao Tome and Principe - SPAUT
  • Namibia - NamClear

International Payment Schemes

The ACM CMS module provides direct access to VISA and Mastercards brands or through an international card processor. The transfer module covers all clearing systems in the Eurozone plus those existing in the aforementioned geographies.