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Comprehensive solution

• Multi-currency and multilingual support
• Easy 'Product Setup', the latest Payment services available, offering consumer credit and managing insurance policies
• Flexibility, MasterCard and Visa terminals, wallet payment, digital card with tokenized payments such as ApplePay, GooglePay, FitbitPay,… • Full card lifecycle management, transaction reconciliation, settlement and accounting
• Revolving, installment credit and current account
• Multiple amortization options


• Adaptable to each business scenario and geography
• Multiple card schemes in a single terminal, allowing the creation of different card products with connection of each one to a specific card scheme
• Easy integration with different Core Banking systems when necessary
• Manages purchases in installments originated in the selected EMV option or via internet and mobile banking
• Highly flexible pricing module that makes it a tool that can be used in different contexts

Future oriented

• Oriented towards the service and dissemination of these services to any banking channel
• Compatible with PCI-DSS and PSD2
• Fintechs Payments Gateway, specially prepared for integration with fintechs
• Credit scoring
• Digital Payments Portal for e-commerce transactions

Customer oriented

• CRM interface
• In event management, it is possible to configure customer notifications: e-mail, SMS, push notifications or letters
• Price list management, by product, customer type or customer classification
• Loyalty programs, which produce preferential interest rates, special grace periods, cashbacks or special rates on fees and commissions

Operationally robust

• All interest is accrued, even in the revolving calculation
• Commercial, operational and regulatory reports
• Native reconciliation processes

High availability

• Payments available 24/7
• Scalable and multi-queue architecture