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Designed to meet the needs of the financial sector, xCore is a business middleware that can be integrated with banking Cores, providing a wide range of services designed in a language that is understandable and easy to use for the various areas of the financial sector.

PSD2 Enabler

Within the context of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), PSD2 Enabler is a middleware that aims to be an integrator between the organisations' systems and this new reality. With all its components, PSD2 Enabler meets the needs of stakeholders, banks and TPPs, ensuring the security and traceability that the whole process requires.

Tailored Solutions

Given the wide range of systems, their functions and characteristics, any organisation presents a specific integration reality that must be viewed in a unique way. To meet these challenges, Asseco PST has been expanding and empowering its integration team in order to support our customers in overcoming these challenges.

Focus on productivity

In a real systems integration, the dynamics that are established allow resources to focus on their true functions and to be freed from unproductive and error-prone manual tasks that compromise performance as a whole.

Organisation and control

Choosing the right approach to system integration, tailored to the reality and needs of an ecosystem, allows it to be better understood and managed, saving hours of inefficient work and no added value for an IT team.

Transformation Efficiency

The integration between systems, centralised in strategic points, speeds up the implementation of changes and improvements, which are then carried out in a controlled, fast and effective manner, in terms of both time and costs.