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Integrated View

Overview of the customer's position, thus allowing the consultation of his/her assets and respective detail.

Support for transfers and payments

Performance of transfers between customer, internal and interbank accounts and payments to entities.

Maturity Agenda

Viewing of the scheduled payments, thus facilitating the management of the customer's budget.

Branch location

Quick access to information of nearby branches for personalized service.


24 hours, 7 days a week, the customer can consult their assets and respective details, as well as perform transfers or payments to entities.

Expense categorisation

Display of the type of expenses made by categories. Automatic categorisation, also customisable by the customer.

Goal-oriented savings

Allows the customer to define savings according to his/her goals, for example: a trip. Savings with manual and automatic reinforcement mechanisms.

Account Opening

Comfort at the customer's service. Ability to open an account online via the APP. Fully digital or with over-the-counter completion, the Bank may decide which is preferred.


Provision of software solutions compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems.


Simplification of the solution's interfaces for intuitively conducting transactions on mobile devices.


Entry of data for advertising campaigns through the natively integrated content management system.