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A new dimension in the Bank-Customer relationship.

The Bank Agent solution adds a new dimension to the relationship between banks and their customers, reaching new locations and customers without the expense of implementing a traditional branch. This is a solution that meets specific needs in markets with a low level of banking activities, considerable geographic dispersion and where there is a benefit to having 'an assisted remote channel'.

Deposits and Withdrawals in Cash

Allows conducting cash deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Making Transfers and Payments

Transfers between customer and interbank accounts, and payments to entities.

Requests for opening accounts and funding

Supports the creation of requests for account opening / closing and credit transactions, for bank approval.

Technologically adapted solution

A solution with a web interface and prepared for mobile devices (tablet) with the implementation of authentication mechanisms. Operational Backoffice available.

Covering new

A solution particularly designed for markets with serious technological infrastructure shortcomings.


Low cost entry into remote geographic locations, as well as low costs associated with the effort of garnering new customers.


Provides a web-based solution that also works in Android and iOS tablets.