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Data Quality Engine

Validation procedures

Data validation in several areas, namely filling, consistency, integrity and duplication, with about 180 different rules.


Ability to include new validation groups and new rules within each validation functional group.


Aggregated view of data quality from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.


Detailed listing of the results of each rule, allowing the organisation to intervene in order to improve the quality of the data and monitor the evolution of initiatives it promotes in this regard.


It helps to comply with the regulators' requirements regarding data quality.

Cost Reduction

Easy to implement solution with reduced time-to-market.

Better Communication

Better data allows for the implementation of marketing initiatives that actually reach the Customers through the various contact channels.

Better Decisions

Having, in the future, quality data that enable the implementation of BI and AI initiatives with value for the institution.


Flexible and customizable solution, with parametrisations tailored to the organisation, as well as the implementation of new rules.