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Data Extraction Engine

Native Integration

Native integration with core Banka, Financa and AM and ability to integrate other data sources.

Management of files to be integrated

Ability to define parametrisation rules concerning files to be imported, extraction and maintenance plans and destination repositories.

Data availability

Provision of data for Data Quality validation processes and other Data consuming processes.

Easy to use

The management interface, unlike the data extraction coding routines, makes the information visible and accessible to those involved in the process, without the need for technical knowledge.


Creation of Extraction Plans as per the information needs of the Bank. Reconciliation of the file structure with DIRECO for automatic integration of layout changes.

Reduced Operational Risk

Ability to display operational data (Banka, Financa and AM) outside the iSeries, without the need for management links.


Ability to create security levels for data exposure.


Reduced extraction times to display the data to the applications, making the data available in a timely manner.