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Sales & Marketing

Integrated View

Access to a 360 view of the customer, including the integrated position.

Automatic Alerts

Automatic business-related alerts.

Handling of Opportunities

Management of business opportunities, with reconciliation with core banking.

Campaign management

Planning, execution and monitoring of marketing initiatives through the various contact channels.

Reporting and analysis

Strategic and tactical dashboards customised by user profile. Processing of large volumes of data through filters and graphs. Availability of pre-prepared reports and the possibility of creating new ones.

Earning and Retaining Loyalty

Attaining loyalty is possible when you are proactive and truly know your customer. By doing so, you provide the customer a positive experience, while earning his/her loyalty.


Optimisation of activity planning and handling of sales opportunities. Reinforcement of the commercial teams' proactivity through automatic alerts and warnings.

Cost Reduction

Easy to implement solution with reduced time-to-market.

Adaptable to the Culture

Flexible and customisable solution that enables the implementation of new functionalities in accordance with the needs.