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  • Automatic generation of screens (in the PFS portal)
  • Multiple business processes and a single infrastructure
  • Interaction in the different channels
  • Display of services, as per the standards (CMIS for document management)
  • BPMN 2.0 Notation
  • Accelerators for business processes:
  •  - Account opening
     - Foreign operations
     - Credit

What are the challenges

  • Profitability – improving margins and achieving sustainable growth is a priority for the banking sector in the current economic context.
  • Control – regulatory demands and the importance of the reputation of credit institutions imply that controlling is not only a need, but also a critical factor for success.
  • Excellence – excellence in customer service. For an organisation to stand out from the competition, it needs to go above and beyond customer expectations with efficient and effective processes.
  • Agility – organisations need to improve their ability to anticipate changes and respond to new market and customer demands. The ability to adapt processes allows us to face the challenges of an increasingly demanding market.
  • Quality – the way each organisation works, despite their differences, has one thing in common: the demand for quality. The definition of processes allows the organisation's operations to depend not only on human talent, but on robust mechanisms that are known throughout the organisation.


Consulting Services

  • Modelling of business processes
  • Implementation of business processes
  • Optimisation of business processes
  • Support & Maintenance

3D – Design | Deploy | Drive

Methodology created and developed by Asseco PST, with the support of a technological framework, which allows a reduced time-to-market using accelerators, and leveraged on the experience of the definition and implementation of processes on the Promosoft Financial Suite.

  • Design – conception and design of new business processes and specification of how they work within the context of each organisation. Creation of the future business process model (to-be).
  • Deploy – deployment of the processes outlined on the Promosoft Financial Suite.
  • Drive – differentiating factor in the implementation of processes. Quick testing (test-drive) of the defined process, without having to wait for the final delivery phase.

Continuous Improvement

Ensuring a lasting commitment with customers, evolving and transforming the organization’s processes.


Flexible processes capable of anticipating and responding to changing markets and regulatory requirements.

Operational Resilience

Clear-cut processes adjusted to the business model avoid redundancies, reduce errors and lower costs.


Increasing the exposure of the processes, allowing for greater control, security and guaranteed compliance.


Standardizing processes allows controlling their performance with an impact on internal and external customer satisfaction.


Allowing each area of the organisation to focus on the internal or external customer. Allowing the organisation to define its process audiences, thus enabling it to plan its workforce in accordance with the organisation's strategy at any given time.


Fully integrated processes across the organisation's various solutions, from Core to Channel. Ability to integrate with external entities, such as the regulator.


By using the mechanisms already developed, the integration with the Promosoft Financial Suite is ensured. Availability of accelerators for processes such as:
'Digital Onboarding and Account Opening'
'Foreign Operations: Foreign Exchange Transactions and Documentary Credits'


Guaranteeing compliance with the institution’s requirements. Involving the organization in achieving goals.