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Extended functional coverage of products and services within the banking sector and other core business processes, including:


Management of the life cycle of loans, including their simulation, approval, contracting, reimbursement management, restructuring, associated guarantees and non-compliance progress management. Coverage through various product modules such as housing, consumption, treasury, investment, Leasing/ALD, etc.

Liability Operations

Demand deposit, term and savings accounts allow for overdrafts in the cash management and cash pooling processes. Rates can be product-fixed or negotiated, fixed or indexed, depending on the balance and on the demand deposit accounts, debtor or creditor.

Trade Finance

Processing and management of documentary operations life cycle and payment orders from the registration of operations, settlements and returns, maintenance of operations, message management, etc. Processing of cheques on foreign institutions and bureaux de change operations.

High Availability

In the modern world, the "anywhere" and "anytime" requirements are increasing. Regarding Core Banking, the solution's latest version includes new concepts to the level of batch processes which allow banking transactions without any downtime.

Other Features

Available in base modules or in specific modules with added features for the approval of operations, file STP, authentication through biometrics (internal and of bank customers) and products/services such as invoice management, safe management, etc.

Accounting and Reporting

The transactional management automatically triggers the accounting processing of each event. In addition, purely accounting processes and the production of information as balance sheets or customized reports are guaranteed. Information reporting solutions to external entities with operational information are also provided.

Customer-Focused View

The concept of customer, as a structural pillar of the solution, allows a single rating for the different processes, thus enabling an integrated view of the set of products, services and responsibilities that the customer presents before the institution.

Modularity and Integration

The re-use of information by different processes ensures the integrity and non-redundancy of information. The modularity allows institutions to implement processes, products and services according to their specific features and of the market itself.

High Functional Coverage

The Core Banking ensures the end-to-end operation of the financial institutions by operationalizing banking products and services as well as support systems to the Bank itself and report to external entities.

Adaptation to the markets where we operate

Standard and customizable solutions, allowing a single solution to operate in different markets and types of Banks. We also provide specific modules according to the markets where we operate.

High level of parametrization

High responsiveness to business requirements through parametrization, allowing flexible and differentiated implementations in different markets and institutions with different business characteristics.

Reduction of Operational Risk

Fully integrated processes, automated and with authorizations based on arrays of approval which include different dimensions, such as profile, amounts, type of operation, among others (Four-Eyes Principle).