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End-to-end payment orders

Management from the initial order, allocation of the DD account, preparation of the payment message/file, confirmations, sending, clearing processing, accounting, straight-through processing of payment orders throughout the system.

Management of the Product/Service Life Cycle

Debit, credit and prepaid cards, domestic and international transfers, cheques, direct debits, and host-to-host payments.

Integration with External Entities

Integration with domestic and international entities/clearing processes: SWIFT, Target, SEPA, domestic and host-to-host payments.

Processing of Mass Payments

Integration and processing of domestic and international payment files, available in remote channels (e.g.: payments to suppliers, payments of wages).

High Functional

End-to-end processing of payment orders relating to different products/services (cards, transfers, cheques, direct debits and host-to-host payments). The solution supports multiple processors/compensation systems.

High Level
of Parametrization

High responsiveness to business requirements through parametrization, allowing flexible and differentiated implementations in different markets and institutions with different business characteristics.

Straight-through processing of payment orders

Automation of order processing from the customer's financial institution to the processor/clearing system, while ensuring efficient processes and with no manual intervention.

Reduction of
Operational Risk

Fully integrated processes, automated and with authorizations based on arrays of approval which include different dimensions, such as profile, amounts, type of operation, among others (Four-Eyes Principle).

Adaptation to the markets where we operate

Standard and customizable solutions, allowing a single solution to operate in different markets and types of Banks. We also provide specific modules according to the markets where we operate.

One business,
two solutions

Asseco PST has two solutions available, according to the needs of the Bank. Both the Suite and the stand-alone solution support complex business features, thus responding to infrastructural and specific technological context requirements.