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sBanka, Asseco PST’ SMS Banking solution, provides a set of solutions that include the possibility of conducting transactions via low-range devices by sending/receiving SMS messages. The SMS Banking solution is in line with the specific needs of markets with technological infrastructure shortcomings.

Integrated View

Access to the customer’s integrated position, allowing for a quick query of customer accounts.

Information Queries

A solution prepared for querying balances, IBAN, operations and transactions.

Support for relevant products

A solution prepared for conducting transactions for current accounts as well as debit and credit cards.

Accessibility of controls

User support via the syntax sending function used in transactions.

Adapted non-presence channel

A solution designed for markets with serious technological infrastructure shortcomings.

Convenient access to the bank

Access to bank data in a timely manner with no need for an Internet connection.


No tracking of SMS messages sent via a device with the use of encryption algorithms.