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Asseco PST's mobile Banking solution, the mBanka, is available for Android and iOS in the smartphone and tablet versions. Keeping up with the trends of use of such devices, the mBanka allows banks to provide their customers a practical and easy way to access information anytime anywhere.


Integrated View

Overview of the customer's position, thus allowing the consultation of his/her assets and respective detail.

Support for transfers and payments

Performance of transfers between customer, internal and interbank accounts and payments to entities.

Maturity Agenda

Viewing of the scheduled payments, thus facilitating the management of the customer's budget.

Branch location

Quick access to information of nearby branches for personalized service.


Provision of software solutions compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems.


Simplification of the solution's interfaces for intuitively conducting transactions on mobile devices.


Entry of data for advertising campaigns through the natively integrated content management system.