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The eBanka Plus is Asseco PST's Internet Banking solution which supports the needs of individual customers and companies in a robust and secure manner. It allows the parametrization of operations, commissions, limits, among others, making the Bank's business model in this channel more flexible. The eBanka Plus is highly customizable, thereby adjusting to the Bank's and the banking customer's requirements.

Integrated View

Access to the customer's integrated position, thus allowing the consultation of his/her assets and respective detail.

File Manager

Support to file management, in the PS2 format, for reporting to one or more banks.

Support for transfers and payments

Performance of transfers between customer, interbank and international accounts and payments to entities.

Cards Management

Access to information related to credit and debit cards, including transactions carried out, activation/cancellation of cards.


Entry of data for advertising campaigns through the natively integrated content management system.


Adaptable solutions, customizable to specific needs and realities.


Reduced time in the implementation of eBankaplus with the possibility of integration with multiple core systems.