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Asseco PST's Call Center solution, the cBanka, is a web application that provides the features of such a solution and is fully integrated with the Promosoft Financial Suite Banka, Asseco PST's Core Banking. For Banks, a Call Center is, nowadays, a great tool to help retaining current customers (Inbound component) as well as promoting new products and services and garnering new customers (Outbound component).


Automatic service (IVR) or in person, with information on request or through the integration with the customer's Core Banking.

Service work queues

Management of call queues for operators, with the possibility of assigning specific operators by topic.

Outbound Campaigns

Creation and management of outbound campaigns originating scripts for the establishment of service calls.


The solution provides reports which reflect the performance of the calls as well as metrics on campaigns.


Intuitive graphical interface (Drag & Drop) for creating campaigns and related information flows.


Reports and dashboards as the number of successful calls, number of customers contacted, reasons for contact.


Support to the customer regarding other channels, information on financial data, logging of the reason for contact.