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Pre-Set models

Pre-Set Data Models, Dashboards and Reports, which provide the customer with data structuring features and out-of-the-box indicators.


Full integration with Promosoft Financial Suite, in terms of both information and security.


Scalable and evolutionary architecture, using benchmark components, with the ability to scale in terms of volumes and potential customizations, designed and implemented with the customer.


Browsing using menus and data selection filters, with the ability to view aggregate data and drill down to the most basic unit (account, transaction, among others).

Budgeting Component

Ability to set goals or budget expenses and perform an effective follow-up of these variables relative to incurred costs.

BI Algorithms

Business Intelligence processes that determine KPIs and the profitability of a bank transaction in n dimensions (channel, counter, product, customer, among others).


Ease in accessing information in a structured manner.


Autonomy of operational areas for obtaining data.

View of performance

View of performance in the spheres of products and services.

Easy Browsing Interface

Intuitive interface for searching and accessing information.


Systematized monitoring of goals and budgeted amounts.

Multiple Dimensions

Agglutination and structuring of information in multiple business assessment dimensions.