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Alignment with Legal and Regulatory Standards

Analysis and definition comprising services and solutions in line with legal standards and reporting to regulators.

Risk Mitigation

Ability and experience to identify risks inherent to the business and to jointly outline mitigating approaches to such risks.


Measuring business-related risks, help in defining mitigation alerts and processes, especially in what regards Credit Risk.

Process automation

Reduction of the Operational Risk based on pre-set processes and with minimal manual intervention.

Focus on Reputational Risk

Implementation of proven solutions and procedures in the locations where we operate, to lessen the Reputational Risk.

Risk Prevention

Expertise in the prevention of Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism.

    • Analyse the strategic approach of new customers
    • Assess our customers' risk exposure
    • Outline approaches to mitigate risks associated with business and strategy
    • Ensure alignment with legal and regulatory standards of the location where our customers are based
    • Provide support in outlining new business strategies, with the main goal of reaching an alignment with the context in question
    • Implement solutions to support risk mitigation and the report to regulators
    • Provide support in the automation of internal procedures essentially focused on the process for granting and recovering credit
    • Support our customers' maintenance, integrity and reputation
    • Training focused on the topics of Credit and Legal and/or Regulatory Standards of the location in question
    • Support in implementing internal processes

    Methodological approach based on the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) method of the PMI (Project Management Institute)

    • Focus on organizational structure
    • Continuous monitoring of the services that are provided
    • Outlining the scope
    • Continuous identification of Customer and Legal Requirements
    • Raising awareness on the local Legal Requirements
    • Managing change
    • Control in the quality of the services that are provided
    • Outlining anticipated communication plans
    • Identifying risks and initiatives for mitigating the risk of each initiative