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Application integration

Solutions that can be quickly integrated with the customer’s other applications, thus enhancing efficiency and maximizing results.


Customizable, tailor-made solutions adjusted to each customer's needs and specificities according to the operational context in question.

Process Automation

Allows integrating related business processes, generating new opportunities, while facilitating and optimizing the entire banking operation.


    Survey of Requirements

    In this phase of the project, the idea is to identify and analyse operational, regulatory, technological and infrastructure-related requirements that condition and determine the support platform to be implemented. This phase will allow defining the correct way to simplify the solution and its processes, making it easier for the customer to provide its services to the end customer, in accordance with its operating model.


    At this phase, we will have gathered the necessary information for outlining the support platform that is best suited to the customer’s business. This phase also involved a detailed outlining of the technological platform that will support each of the solution’s components.

    Construction of Components

    The development of the specific components required for implementing the solution, such as the necessary interfaces, as well as the business and security rules inherent to the processes, occurs during this phase of the project.


    The integration phase considers the activities needed to reflect, on core banking, the conducted transactions, thus ensuring that the application’s business rules are observed.


    Once the solution is developed, there is a testing process that includes training sessions to ensure that the users become familiar with the best way to interact with the designed solution.

    Tests and Acceptance

    After the training sessions, we begin a process of integrated tests aimed at the acceptance of the solution. The testing phase is especially closely monitored, in order to clarify user doubts and make adjustments to the solution as needed.