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Planning and Commercial Organization

Optimizing the planning and organization of the teams’ activity, by recording, querying and monitoring activities.

Automatic generation of alerts and warnings

Enhancing the Managers' commercial proactivity by automatically generating alerts and warnings.

Recording, querying and working information

Recording, querying and working information about the Bank's current and potential Customers.

Focusing the Bank's business on the customer

Focusing the Bank's business on the customers, making it possible to provide them with the most appropriate products, at the right moments and using the channels that are more convenient to them.

Process integration and automation

Achieving a greater efficiency for the institution, by integrating and automating planning, execution, monitoring and analysis of results, regarding campaigns, marketing and others.

Optimizing campaign processes

Increasing the rate at which new customers are garnered and subscribe new products, by optimizing and structuring campaign processes.

Lowering customer
churn rate

Lowering customer churn rate by optimizing contacts and improving the ability to act when faced with potential churning.

Increasing the cross/up-sell volume

Increasing the cross/up-sell volume of products by automating the detection of customer eligibility.


    Consulting Services:

    • Setting the strategy, scope and roadmap for initiatives;
    • Designing processes and supporting technological adoption;
    • Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM;
    • Integrating business solutions and interaction channels with the CRM solution.

    Education Services:

    • Functional training of users;
    • Technical training of users;
    • Tailored training design.


    Assessment and setting of the initiative’s scope and framework. In this phase, we determine where and how to begin.


    Complete and accurate depiction of the processes to be implemented. Understanding and surveying technical integration and infrastructure requirements.


    Set-ups and developments. Implementation of features.


    Conduction of integrated system tests.


    Delivering the solution and post-production monitoring.

    Process Transformation

    Integration of new features, process transformation, new improvement approaches, review, re-engineering and paradigm shift.