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Flexible processes capable of anticipating and responding to changing markets and regulatory requirements.

Operational Resilience

Clear-cut processes adjusted to the business model avoid redundancies, reduce errors and lower costs.


Standardizing processes allows controlling their performance with an impact on internal and external customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

Ensuring a lasting commitment with customers, evolving and transforming the organization’s processes.


Increasing the exposure of the processes, allowing for greater control, security and guaranteed compliance.


Guaranteeing compliance with the institution’s requirements. Involving the organization in achieving goals.



    The initial step consists of assessing the maturity of the organization’s processes so as to outline the initiative’s scope and framework. In this phase, we determine where and how to begin.

    Process Modelling

    Complete and accurate depiction of existing or proposed business processes. The processes can be expressed in variable degrees of detail, depending on the goal.

    Process Analysis

    Understanding new or existing business processes and how these comply with the goals that led to their creation. The idea is to ascertain the current status of the process (as-is).

    Process Design

    Design of new business processes and specification of how they work. Creation of the future business process model (to-be) within the context of business goals and process performance.

    Process Performance Management

    Formal assessment of the implementation of processes and follow-up of the performance with the aim of ascertaining process efficiency and efficacy, by identifying possible constraints and opportunities for improvement.

    Process Transformation

    Process transformation considers the discussion of approaches for improvement, redesign and re-engineering and paradigm shift.

    Consulting Services

    • Modelling of business processes
    • Implementation of business processes
    • Optimization of business processes
    • Support & Maintenance