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The financial sector and the role of technology highlighted in the press

This year, once again, Asseco PST is highlighted in the second edition of the yearbook 'Quem é Quem no Setor Financeiro em Portugal' (Who's Who in the Financial Sector in Portugal), launched by Jornal Económico, one of the Portuguese reference media in business information. The way technology is transforming banks' business sets the tone for our presence in this publication.

The Jornal Económico's yearbook comes at a time of uncertainty for the world economy, given the war in Ukraine, geopolitical tensions and inflationary trends that may jeopardize the recovery from the pandemic crisis. The financial sector, like most economic activity, will certainly suffer strong impacts from the current global context.

Even so, and apart from these latest events, the publication seeks to make an in-depth analysis of the challenges and trends that will mark the financial sector in the coming months, together with a directory of the main financial players operating in Portugal.

Inside the yearbook, our Head of Payments & Consumer, Pedro Ferreira, signs an opinion article entitled 'Retalho bancário na era digital – Partner Hub' (Retail Banking in the Digital Age - Partner Hub). The starting point is the paradigm shift in retail banking growth: from the old orientation geared towards attracting, selecting and building customer loyalty to a new orientation focused on attracting the quality of the banking operation.

Take note: 'Partner Hub' is the third-party management platform developed by Asseco PST to address the new challenges faced by banks.

In the same edition, our director José Nunes takes part in a forum with more than 20 figures, including several bank managers, market analysts and consultants, in which he talks about the challenges that await the financial sector in the short term. These are challenges that go far beyond the use of new technologies, which is also a crucial aspect.

The success of digital transformation, argues José Nunes, depends on the use of appropriate technologies and solutions, the assertive use of data/information, the definition of efficient and contextualised processes and, of course, people with a vision and culture of transformation.

The full online version of the yearbook is available at